Our History

In the early 1900s , the root of our business has begun. In the early 1900s the Folding Bed, Murphy Bed, Castro Convertible , futon , clic clac are some of the well known generic names what we have a high level of experience.

Our focus is only sofabed . We believe in to focus what we are good at is the one of the main key factor of success. Although, Mozzi Concept established in the mid of 2016 , our experience in production and international marketing & sales activities is more than 20 years.


Where we are located ?

Turkey has been a hub of ideas and cultures for over 10,000 years. It has been home to Mesopotamia, parts of the the silk road and some even say the wheel was invented here. Our land and its people have been the home of incredible potential for time out of mind. 

We are located in Kayseri , because – Located at the center of Turkey , easy to reach neighbor countries, seaports, railroads & highways 

– Our history starts BC 2800 and Since the first establishment “Trade” is one of our main income source . Even the first written trade agreement found in Kanis-Karum . 

– Our population is more than 1,3 million and %90 are living in the urban region which is more crowded than 83 countries of the World . 

– Our land is 16.917 km2 and which is larger than 90 World countries – Kayseri is a trade , logistic and health center for 12 neighboring cities. – Kayseri is the 5th in addition of Industrial Design Patent Application – As of 2015 , Kayseri has 15 companies in the List of Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises – Kayseri is 4th in brand creation and innovation , 5th in patent registry, 12th in competitiveness

 – Kayseri Industrial Region Zone established in 1976 giving more than 1200 factories in a 23,5 million m2 area. Beside this Kayseri has 2 dfferent Industrial Region Zone and 1 Free Zone. – Kayseri makes more than 1,6 billion USD exportation – Kayseri is making exportation more than 160 countries

Mozzi concept is an outsourcing company and has some special, export oriented supplier. All processes starting from raw material supply , quality checks and shipments are managed by our Professional staffs.

Our Misson is to bring a different approach to sofabed business by adding innovative solutions.

Till now we prove our difference by making exportation to Italy, USA, Greece, Netherland, Bulgaria, GCC Countries.

We are proud to supply affordable quality with affordable prices…



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